to snitch or tell the police or other members of authority about a crime that you have witnessed or that you saw your friend doing
man, that punk ratted me out to the cops
by wordman June 10, 2005
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Another phrase used to describe snitching on someone or telling on somebody to a person of authority. Usually used on a gang setting when someone tells on his group.
Because the man ratted on his Gang members, they had evidence to convict them of the double homicide
I can't believe you ratted me out to Zoe. That is how she know that I stole her pen.
by lurkester September 10, 2013
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Term used in Great Britian, means to get totally drunk.
Oh bugger, that bitch got totally ratted last night. I should have taken advantage of her...
by Jay Eng 921 April 14, 2004
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West Indian slang, for "oh shit". but it could also be an adjective which refers to a dirty person, a snitch or a slut.
She ratted yes
by Marky June 29, 2003
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1: Most Ratted, a large group of Ratted soldiers who have a large support backup base consisting of hundreds of soldiers in all areas and unlike many gangs are not bound to one area .. also has a large group of talented lyricists, DJ's, Dancers, Singers and music producers
2: Ratted Item: a desirable item
3: Ratted MC: An mc who has real talent and has a chance of getting somewhere
4: Ratted: An Expression meaning its okay because it's worth it in the end
1: Most Ratted, steppa to this you get bust, trust you don't wanna fuck with us
2: That watch is ratted
3: Go back the the drawing board, you ain't Ratted
4: Man i just missed the end of the film fo these chics, Ratted still, dun kno its worth it
by dark soul June 30, 2003
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A member of The Twilight Sewerposting community
Entertainment polls make people mad because the rats descend and Twilight wins every time
by Ratubaga May 9, 2022
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by Jeramy muck suck it September 15, 2018
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