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Robin the hood: is a term used by O.8.S murdered out empire meaning the opposite of Robin Hood who takes from the rich to give to the poor / thus meaning take from the takers to give back to who was taken and teach a lesson with a vengeance 💯💯 but nothing personal just business (refer to) nicka nicka rich in the Urban dictionary
Yo dog did you hear about them new busters it's time Robin the hood💯🤣💵💵
by k187c February 04, 2021
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Nicka nicka rich: is a term used to describe Those who play or act or try to deceive others that they got $$ n girls or balling on social media and or people they first meet but don’t have shit just hating on those who do
Dude #1 I got $$ n ho.s

Me: no you don’t you broke dick and got no play so stop acting nicka nicka rich💯🤪🤣
by k187c June 02, 2019
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O.8.S™️ is a new turm used by murderd out 187™️ Empire meaning just that one eight seven short way of spelling it out!! Out for the close line M.E murderdout Empire ™️187
O.8.S ™️ yo dog let's go to O.8.S™️ n see what one eight seven is doing rite now
by k187c October 06, 2020
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A lickk: a term used in the 90.s to describe doing dirt? Or now a fuckkry ) refer to fuckkry in urban dictionary) or robbing some fools;
What up dogg? You ready to do a lickk??
by k187c March 21, 2020
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B.T.I: brothers turning informant: the game isn’t wasn’t what it was
Dam dog did you here about our brother looking like his B.T.I fuck that
by k187c May 30, 2019
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Btib: meaning btib brother turned informant bitch!!!!
Don't get turned into a btib you know brother turn informant bicth!!
by k187c December 28, 2020
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Fuckkary: some one pulling some shady shit or faulty to some one they hate only cuz they want what they have n can’t get it them self “
Stop pulling the fukkary “ n do it your self. Stand up n handle your shit
by k187c May 25, 2019
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