the equator is like a hula hoop for the earth
the earth has an equator
by foreveronly November 3, 2022
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When you are fucking a girl and when you are about to cum, pull out, tell the girl to spin like a top, and you leave a nice trail around her waist. Experts can attempt the prime meridian or the tropic of breast cancer.
I almost pulled off an equator but the girl didn't spin fast enough.
by equatorbator April 25, 2006
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That idiot spelled Ecuador,Equator, on his report 18 times, therefore he failed
by lol February 15, 2005
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Maths with fancy letters called pronumerals. It is useless shit that everyone forgets how to do after they graduate.
Retard: oi ms, when the fuck am I ever gonna use equations ay?

Teacher: In your next test.

Retard: Fuk u faggot u smell like a dirty cunt
by My pseudonym6999 December 15, 2018
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Something too hard to solve,
takes too much time.
"Hey man did you figure out that equation last night?"
by Ebeedubs May 18, 2014
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a line on an globe that splits between continents and the north and the south .
My teacher showed us the equater on an globe.
by crystal August 23, 2003
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The 0 degree line of latitude on a map or globe
On Joe's geography test, he labeled the equator in the wrong spot.
by SquishyJello622 March 20, 2017
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