Callin 187 on a motherfuckin...COP! (Sublime, April 29, 1992)
by SmiwyROD May 27, 2010
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code used by law informent to identify (murder death kill)
code used by others on pagers to signify appreciation/concern
beep beep beep 444-3456*187
by Mutley the dog December 19, 1999
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used in law enforcement for a killing/murder
187 on a motherfuckin' cop!-Sublime
by Pokey March 11, 2005
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187 cop code in detriot and california for murder/death/kill

but it got picked up by the public

ganstas like to use the term 187 to threatern people
(cop) :187 on 5th street i repeat 187 on 5th street

(gansta) 187 to yall motherfuckers
by EaSy G September 28, 2005
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California Police Dispatch for Homicide.
Yeah, and you don't stop, cuz it's 187 on a motherfuckin cop.
by jidzf February 1, 2006
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"Its about coming up and staying on top and screaming 187 on a mother fucking cop!"
by Grabber Booby January 15, 2006
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