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The popular social networking site that moonlights as a black hole for actual social activity.
Dude, how come John didn't come out tonight? He was updating his status on wastebook.
by Metz in San Francisco March 21, 2009
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Common: Discovering how perfect other friends lives are through Facebook making you feel like a waste.

Alternative definitions:

1. Someone engrossed with the social mechanisms of Facebook. Miserably procrastination on facebook due to a lack of responsibilities or self interests.

2. Personal plethora of frequent Facebook sins.
Facebook sin, i.e. breaking social media norms.

3. Facebook pictures consisting solely of clubbing culture.

4. The Facebook masquerade of a perfect life.
1. I've done it agian! I've missed studying, scrolling through wastebook newsfeed!

2. Social sins of the form: Radical feminist posts, public displays of affection, inappropriate statuses, being a beg etc

3. Jessica's memory museum of clubbing photos is Wastebook gold standard.
by Cheeky_KONT May 26, 2015
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