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To get screwed over for speaking the truth or saying something that needs to be said
He got royally Kornheisered after he called out Hannah Storm for wearing a slutty schoolgirl outfit
by Winnthrop February 25, 2010
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A field plowed with an advertisement so large that it can be seen on Google Earth
Wow, checkout those crop circles! Those aren't crop circles that's just clip art for an Amish website!
by winnthrop January 17, 2011
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Someone who fills their Facebook profile with lame things like Mafia Wars, Cafe World, Farmville or their Daily Horoscope.
Jeez, I friended So and So on Facebook and their entire profile was nothing but Cafe World crap and Mafia Wars requests. What a Wastebooker!
by Winnthrop January 23, 2010
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When you have to be around or speak to someone named Todd, especially used when you have disdain for said individual.
Christmas with the family is coming up, sadly it might involve some Toddtact.
by Winnthrop January 23, 2010
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A Mahoganoscopy is where a large piece of lumber gets shoved up someones ass.
That John Kyl is such a tool, someone should shove a 2x4 up his ass and call it a Mahoganoscopy
by winnthrop April 12, 2011
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Where you get your schooling when you're on your way down.
ACLU (Anterior Cruciate Ligament University) It's the "Exit College" Lebron James attends while learning that he's not really better than the rest of us.
by winnthrop October 22, 2010
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Like peer pressure but over the internet. When a friend pressures you to change your Facebook status for some cause that they care about such as supporting the troops or raising breast cancer awareness.
So and So said I should add this to my status message and it's about not kicking puppies so I have to do it. Damn I've been iPressured.
by Winnthrop January 20, 2010
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