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When, after consuming copious amounts of alcohol, one proceeds to the popular social networking site Facebook. Upon arriving at said site, the intoxicated individual leaves many sporadic messages and comments that, if sober, would normally not be left. The contents of these messages usually include embellishments of the events surrounding the current drunken stupor, or are more commonly blunt confessions of emotion and opinion. Often times a blatant disregard for tact and social conformities is exhibited. This inebriated harassment may or may not be limited to close friends. In most circumstances, the aftermath of wastebooking is usually laughed off and is stored only in memory for recantation in any future gathering of said friends. This has evolved with time as technology has advanced. Earlier precursors stem from shouting drunken obscenities and more recently include drunk dialing and drunk texting.
Nick: “WTF was up with that message you left at 3 in the morning?”
Justin: “Oh yea, I got trashed yesterday and ended the night by wastebooking everyone.”
by NKClubTrill007 February 04, 2010
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The act of writing semi-coherent messages on others' facebook walls whilst intoxicated.
I'm having a pretty bad night when I start wastebooking people I haven't seen since middle school.
by C Mag February 19, 2007
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