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Verb, preterite of "to friend."

Related to facebook; the action of adding another student as a friend. You click a button, "requesting" that the other person will allow you to add them as a friend. They will receive your request and can either accept or deny it.

You can deny any friend request, and the other person will not be told you rejected them; however, you will not appear on their friend list. This will lead to their repeated attempts to "friend' you. In the end, it's easier just to confirm the darn request.

Despite the appearance and similar meaning, not a shortened form the word befriended.
Dude, I friended this really hot chick last night.

Hey...why won't you let me friend you?
by Lady Chevalier May 03, 2005
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(verb) When a girl or boy you have been on a few dates with decides they just want to be a friend. Once you are friended you are not allowed to be romantically interested in them. Friending can appear to happen without warning.
"Damn, she just friended me"

"After effectively friending John, Mary was able to date Mike"
by T-26 June 07, 2006
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Related to facebook. When someone asks to be your friend on the facebook
Jon friended Laura after hooking up with her the night before
by joecacola January 31, 2005
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When you tells a boy/girl you like, that you have deep feelings for them and the boy/girl reply with something along the lines of "Oh, I'm sorry, but I just think of you as a friend"
Girl 1: "I went up to Jimmy last night and told him how I really felt."
Girl 2: "What happened?"
Girl 1: "I got friended."

Sally friended Andrew when he asked her out last night.
by JMACKLES May 19, 2009
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