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Something none of you will ever get over me. Stop trying, stay the fuck out of my life and none of you have any say in how I live my life or what I do. You're b.s. that you're trying to help is just that, b.s. You know damn well you're only making things worse. I better have my shit and car back real soon today. Literally, the only thing any of you are doing is killing me.
You might control them, but never me.
by Stiletto 42 March 29, 2021
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You people, pussy ass bitches, that talk bullshit, lie, can't say anything to anyone's face, have no balls, pretend to be other people, etc.
Pab needs to grow up.
by Stiletto 42 March 29, 2021
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Something that needs to stay on everyone's face and out of my ass.
If I were a dog I'd shit then piss on you for having your nose up my ass.
by Stiletto 42 March 29, 2021
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{Get Aaron's ass here NOW! You "switched" him to the opposite. Aaron ignored D.A. and S.B., that was him and they were pissed. He wouldn't talk to any of the skanky hos or any of them. Wouldn't do things he's doing,I know him best. So get his ass here now or I'll be after your ass.}
Aaron that's Aaron 100%, really good husband and dad. We were bf's and always together. Whoever "switches" people taking a 200% happy marriage and family to a divorce, only b/c of switching, your first on something of mine.
by Stiletto 42 July 13, 2019
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{looking for kk} {1 of the 2 can pick me up tonight} {1 highest up, it means heaven, me}
I'm Aaron's wife (separated though). One thing needs to be clear, if you fuck with our 2 daughters or Aaron, you have a deathwish by me. You people have EVERYTHING wrong and I'm pissed. I'm sick and tired of all the b.s.
by Stiletto 42 July 12, 2019
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{gangbangers} {go back to what originally started out as, people that had your back) {no having other end do your stuff} {if b/c of "voices" in head people are doing things, talk to me first, I feel the same way, but we'd have to make sure it's the right people first} {I'd listen to me over other people, no going to hell for doing the right thing} {I don't have it all figured out, only part of it. Part of it is this is a test though. Most people epically failed. You were supposed to choose what was right and what was wrong and do the right thing.} {Unluckily, kinda, that is jesus and god, pretty much using me.} {Need to talk to one of the higher up out of state gb's}
Half messing with you half not, I have a sign up sheet, I'll call it for my Executive Judicial (name and limb, to cover it up) addition to the gb's. We redo the judicial system, make cops are no longer dirty and corrupt, intervene w/cops (haha), make hospitals safe, make cigarettes safe (they're ITG brand now some) etc. That or "warm fuzzy people" I call you to cover things up........!!!
by Stiletto 42 July 13, 2019
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Tacos is pussy. Something a guy can't go without.
You don't get any tacos in hell.
by Stiletto 42 October 10, 2020
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