IRC command. Along with /operwall, /wallops (message) sends a message to all operators on IRC.

They were originally publically visible and intended to be used for disaster announcements and the like, but have been abused to the point where now they are operator only.
/wallops help some guy named peer keeps resetting my connection
by jheath April 26, 2004
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A Scots word meaning a penis, usually large and floppy, often used as an insult
I have a huge walloper

I don't like him, he's a walloper
by big hairy walloper August 03, 2006
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A severe ass woopin. A huge event. To get whomped. A motherload.
The boy walloped the bully teaching him a lesson. We got walloped in that last snow storm.
by Jomamma2 January 17, 2010
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Derived from the word wallop, which is onomatopoeia (a sound word) for an impact of some sort, it is a Scottish slang term for a penis, usually a large penis.

It is also used to refer to unpleasant people, much like dick, cock, prick and knob would be used in conversation.
"Jesus Christ, did ye see the size of that walloper he had on him?"


"He's a bleedin' walloper, and that's all there is to it!'
by Kraigy January 17, 2007
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a severe malicious beating handed out by an enraged P-UNIT soldier.
If you see a street villian with a pink bandana around his face, chances are somebody has or is about to recieve a walloping.
by Sheik November 17, 2003
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pseudo-violently high-powered action performed abruptly.
With one big wallop, the Gremlin's hairy bicep powered a fling that sent the record-breaking pumpkin onto it's endoatmospheric trajectory across the province.
by hahh? November 17, 2003
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