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Political party that uses intimidation, lies, extortion and false statements to mislead their simple minded followers blindly to political slaughter. Nearly everything they say is hypocritical. They blame others for their bad decisions. Throw around terms such as Nazi, Commy, pinko and socialist with absolutely no understanding of there meaning or correlation to current events. Most are on some social program and don't even know it because of their lack of education. Most of their leaders are self serving billionaires.
Teabangers are holding the country hostage even though they are only 4 % of voters.
by Jomamma2 July 24, 2011

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Originated in about 1983. From a Knock knock joke. About the time (your mamma) jokes started. It was in place of YO short for YOUR. Hence JO
Knock Knock...Who's there? Jo.. Jo Who? JOMAMMA.
by jomamma2 February 04, 2010

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A severe ass woopin. A huge event. To get whomped. A motherload.
The boy walloped the bully teaching him a lesson. We got walloped in that last snow storm.
by Jomamma2 January 17, 2010

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That girl you see after hearing her sexy voice on the intercom at your local Mc burger stop. Only to find she is(Fuckin ugly).
Did you see that chick, she was McFugly.
by jomamma2 May 31, 2008

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