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5 star general of the KTR(Kill The Rich)Militia, co-founder of the political faction, P-UNIT soldier, ICON of all things KTR.
Totes pink bandana in pocket, and pink laces on his model 187 stompers. Roams mean streets throughout New Jersey with the infamous P-UNIT street villian Vicious Vin (Vin Diesel)
by Sheik November 17, 2003

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a severe malicious beating handed out by an enraged P-UNIT soldier.
If you see a street villian with a pink bandana around his face, chances are somebody has or is about to recieve a walloping.
by Sheik November 17, 2003

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Doctrine and generalizing statement outlying all powers and greatness of Sheik(BFS)-Big F*cking Sheik. This right which may be claimed at any time, but technically is used in most instances, gives full discretion to the befour mentioned entity to do and to say whatever he sees fit.
The doctrine of Divine Right of Sheik may be used to defend the brotherhood/sisterhood of the KTR/P-UNIT ASSOCIATION by any means possible.
by Sheik July 02, 2004

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