A trajectory is the path a moving object follows through space as a function of time.

In control theory a trajectory is a time-ordered set of states of a dynamical system (see e.g. Poincaré map). In discrete mathematics, a trajectory is a sequence (f^k(x))_{k \in \mathbb{N}} of values calculated by the iterated application of a mapping f to an element x of its source.
The object might be a projectile or a satellite, for example. It thus includes the meaning of orbit—the path of a planet, an asteroid or a comet as it travels around a central mass. A trajectory can be described mathematically either by the geometry of the path, or as the position of the object over time.
by beejayjat February 1, 2011
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1.) A method of assessing sudden changes in temperature instantaneously by visually (or physically) analyzing the level of hardness(Mohs Scale), angle (preferably in radians), shape, and in odd cases smell, of the nipples.

2.) A sixth sense which detects danger, specifically rape.

n. nipple trajectory
pl. nipple trajector(ies)
1.) My nipple trajectory indicated an oncoming snow storm; I better head inside.

2.) As I walked down the the dark alley, my nipple trajectory activated as the mustached man started to tail me.
by Dr. Jones and Mr. Wuggles March 3, 2010
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a toolish explanation for one's transition out of utter social anonymity and unemployment.
i went to my first party and i got an internship! i am on an upward social and professional trajectory!
by qwerty298 July 14, 2011
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Lalllalalalalalallaalla Trajectory Trajectory Trajectory lalalallalalalalala
by SchnabeltierP June 11, 2022
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