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a severe malicious beating handed out by an enraged P-UNIT soldier.
If you see a street villian with a pink bandana around his face, chances are somebody has or is about to recieve a walloping.
by Sheik November 17, 2003
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Bob went to the movies with Jess yesterday, he gave her a good walloping in his apartment afterwards.

I walloped my girlfriend everywhere last night!

Natasha is such a slut, she got a walloping from 5 black men last week.

I gave Jess a good walloping in her ass hole, then sent her on her way.
by Jeffo1234 February 28, 2015
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The term given for the reciprocating partner of the sexual act.
"I met Adrian up the towpath the other day. He unceremoniously unbuckled my jeans, bent me over and stuck his prick up my ass. I hadn't been on the receiving end of such a savage walloping in a long time. I walked like I'd just climbed off a police horse for a fortnight afterward. I'm going back tonight for seconds."
by LiberaceHudson April 19, 2018
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