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Derived from the word wallop, which is onomatopoeia (a sound word) for an impact of some sort, it is a Scottish slang term for a penis, usually a large penis.

It is also used to refer to unpleasant people, much like dick, cock, prick and knob would be used in conversation.
"Jesus Christ, did ye see the size of that walloper he had on him?"


"He's a bleedin' walloper, and that's all there is to it!'
by Kraigy January 17, 2007
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Chav rock is a very general term for music that appeals to chav society. These bands tend to use lyrics that relate to chav culture, or may actually be deemed as chavs themselves. This genre of music has only been identified recently with the rise of chav culture in the United Kingdom.
Bands such as Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys and Hard-Fi could all be described as chav rock.
by Kraigy November 29, 2006
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A cute animal, or rarely, a cute object (like a stuffed animal for example). Also used to describe people, as if they were your pets. Plural is poogs, or sometimes poogies.

Pronounced as poog, not pooj. It's thought to be a mixture of the words 'puss' and 'pig'.

Also see: kittens or puppies.
"Aww, clever poog!"
by Kraigy December 13, 2005
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