regular worker/employee. someone with no autonomy who must work to survive.
I am a wage slave at McDonalds
by Giselle Gardonyi March 16, 2004
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Someone who earns only enough at their job to pay basic expenses.

Sometimes refered to as 'working poor'.
"Retirement savings?! I'm a wage slave. I make $5 an hour."
by Andrew July 3, 2004
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Someone who is stuck at a low paying job, might have 2 part-time jobs just to be able to pay for necessities while not being able to afford to save up money. Getting fired or sick enough to not being able to go to work might make the person not afford to pay rent and become homeless.
wage slaves dont have the opportunity to choose
by hippo knight January 1, 2021
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Is a person with little to no education who works for wages. These people are usually slaves to their employer and have to kiss butt otherwise they will be fired. Being that these people don't have many other job opportunities, they are forced to live the rest of their lives working for wages and being a slave. Their only other option besides being a wage slave is going to jail or becoming homeless. Because they lack job skills, they are very limited in the type of work they can do. Many adults who are wage slaves now, dropped out of school and got caught up in the popularity game. Or they are people who never took school seriously and instead wanted to party like a rockstar. These people are basically the physical labor of this country and if they misbehave at work they are fired. Then they lose their living quarters,cars,family, and their life takes a turn for the worst. Let me mention, that many of these people were born to low to middle class families which is why histroy is repeating itself.
wage slave
by jenny29 January 16, 2010
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Someone playing the victim, who works in a place voluntarily but wants to pretend there's an obligation forcing them to be there.
"You ain't no wage slave actually, honey. Door's over there! Woss stoppin' you leavin' if you likes? Why nuttin! Nuttin stoppin you leavin at all. So stop your moanin' an pretendin' an get real."
by Colin 100 October 30, 2015
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A liberal's definition of someone who is employed at-will but not given what they haven't earned.
Bob is a wage slave because he can't sit on his a$$ all day.
by The Truthdish January 16, 2014
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someone who works very hard for very little and doesn't get much satisfaction from their job. They can't leave as they have a family to support or think that they won't be able to find a better job.
"I hate this job and I'm sick of being a minimum wage slave. Oh well, I'm going to win the lottery soon anyway."
by Paul Carey August 24, 2007
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