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The last bastion of white male privilege and a national embarrassment.
Boris Johnson: Tally ho chaps and damn his eyes to Putney Bridge! Buller buller buller!!!!
Foreign tourist: What's he talking about? I didn't understand a word he said.
British citizen: That's Boris Johnson, he's our Prime Minister and I'm so ashamed, I want to emigrate.
by Minderbinder November 20, 2020

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Number 45 refers to the 45th President of the United States of America and who shall remain nameless for the the purposes of this definition. He is an ugly, corrupt, racist bastard who belongs in prison.
Journalist 1: Oh Christ, I'm not going to have a good day today.
Journalist 2: Why?
Journalist 1: My editor's just told me I have to go to the Whitehouse because Number 45 is giving a press conference.
Journalist 2: Whoa, that's some heavy shit right there. Good luck, dude.
by Minderbinder October 21, 2020

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The sound that a Weegie makes when he's talking. It sounds like a fairy having a fart. Over the course of a sentence, the voice will go up and down at least two octaves.
1st Edinburgh resident: I think I hear a fairyfart. A Weegie has just come into the pub.
2nd Edinburgh resident: Oh no, you're kidding!
Quick let's get out of here before he orders a bottle of Buckfast and sets fire to the place.
by Minderbinder January 08, 2021

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A production or programme that is so full of shit, it oozes from every pore and orifice. It reeks of faecal matter. See Brexit
Every sane, intelligent person on Planet Earth:

That Brexit is a right old shitshow
by Minderbinder September 11, 2020

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A god in mortal form, untouchable, the best guitarist ever.
Jimi Hendrix was the most talented and skilled guitarist in history or the future.

I don't believe in God, but I do believe in Jimi Hendrix.
by Minderbinder February 29, 2020

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a loudmouth blowhard who can't hold it in.
Priest (after two hours in a confessional): Is that the end of your confession, my son?

Average Glaswegian male: Urr ye kiddin', faither? Uv no even started yet! I wis just talkin' aboot the fitba'!
by Minderbinder February 18, 2011

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