Last night I went to the club and saw a fine ass wae wae.
by wiggs74 August 02, 2010
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W.A.E (Would Anyone Else)

Shorthand for sites such as Reddit when a user asks others their opinion about something.
WAE make a one way trip to Mars?
by zBriGuy September 07, 2009
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Scottish slang for being intoxicated with alcohol, drunk in essence.

Often abbreviated to MWi
John: I can't wait to get mad wae it at the weekend.

Jim: i'm gonna get mad wae it on bucky
by Fiercedeity94 October 08, 2009
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Dis is de ritual of the ugandan knuckles tribe. Dey search fo a kween, (basically knuckles + bobs = queen) and praise er. If angery, dey will spit on yu, or cluck to call reinforcements. Dey will even battle enemi knuckle triebs, but, dey can never beat a communist knuckles.
Do you know it broda? wae?
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