Yeonjun is a childish yet mature person. They’re someone that is determined to get what they want. They’re the type of person you want to have around. They are extremely funny. And have a cute face.
I want a Yeonjun in my life
by I’m so cool March 30, 2019
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Perfect. Another word for perfect. "Yeonjun" represents being the best at everything and being perfect in every way.
"Oh you can sing, dance, rap, speak 3 languages, break gender norms, preach for woman rights, accept everyone and was called 4th gen IT boy? Are you sure that you aren't Yeonjun?
by yeonthetwink September 28, 2020
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A cute boy from the new bighit group TxT
Me: Did you see Yeonjun from TxT?
by officer S January 23, 2019
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An all-rounder. Has the face of a Greek God. Homosexual. Multi-talented eldest member of the popular KPOP phenomenon TXT, also known as Tomorrow By Together. Yeonjun is the 4th gen. IT boy according the Grammys, Urban Dictonary, Billboard, and much more. There’s nothing he cannot do. Any task is achievable by Choi Yeonjun.
My god Choi Yeonjun is gay. Good for him, good for him!
by Prodxsoob November 18, 2020
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the cutest person to ever exist! he’s from txt— a kpop group.
PERSON 1: who’s your bias from txt? mines taehyun.
PERSON 2: mine is yeonjun!
by stanleyluvbot August 01, 2021
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choi yeonjun is a member in TXT whom deserves alot of love. i would sacrifice my life for him as he is aMaZiNg. he is the oldest in TXT however he is the fake maknae. go stan txt as they are having a comeback on 26 october and go stream!
choi yeonjun is amazing
by stan talent? stan kpop October 09, 2020
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