abbreviation for whore... person who wants to have sex with everyone except u!!!
by chiky January 6, 2008
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slang or abbrv. for whatever
Ok u know what..stop messin with me..forget it...w/e!
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Stands for "whatever". Used mostly by bitches with a poor attitude.
Cool Guy: "Hey you wanna do something tonight?"
Bitch: "w e."
Cool Guy: "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
Bitch: "What? I said I didn't care"
Cool Guy: "I hate you sometimes."
Bitch: "w e."
Cool Guy: "I'm going to kill you."
by ufnsrlkgvn August 3, 2009
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If someone writes to you: w\e, you know he is like: Whatever.
And he was like - w\e..
by AndyBear May 8, 2008
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user 1: yo yo yo i be on that kryptonite sonn

user 2: w/e dude
by go_wings May 31, 2006
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this is an abbreviation of whatever or possibly weekend! its kl!
yer w/e i dnt care
wt u doin at the w/e
i went 2 the pics at the w/e
by Abna July 17, 2005
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