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Noun; a guy who is well-liked and pretty neat. Often is interesting and tells funny jokes, and is usually successful. A cool guy will most likely be in charge of many groups and activities. Just a pretty quality person.
Josh: Yo, Will is in charge of a ton of things and lots of people like him cause he tells funny jokes.

Christian: Yeah, he's a cool guy.
by pastaontuesdays March 22, 2013
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People who don't look at explosions, as defined in The Lonely Island's song Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions.
Cool guys don't look at explosions; they blow things up and then walk away. Who's got time to watch an explosion? There's got cool guys errands that they have to walk to.
by MacCoinneach June 29, 2010
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n. anyone who may make sport of another for no good reason

n. anyone who does something obviously ill-advised but who think otherwise of the action

n. anyone who deliberatly acts in a manner not befitting of his social status in order to "climb the social ladder"
"Gee, Will, I sure like your dumb-looking hair today."
"Oh really, John Powell, do you not like my hair today? Cool guy, right here (pointing to John Powell)."

"Yeah, so Mr. Davis was like, 'John Powell, you better finish your God-d*mn quiz', so I was like, 'F*** you, Davis! I'm not finishing my God-d*mn quiz!'"
"Oh really, John Powell? Were you like 'f*** you, Davis', is that what you were like? Cool guy, right here (pointing to John Powell)."

"Yeah so I saw Billy hanging out with Scotty D the other day at Drugstore University. What the hell is he thinking; he's such a cool guy."
by August March 23, 2005
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a man, who through adding a false neck and head into the hood of his sweatshirt appears very tall, at random of seeing this man, a funky jam will play, with that playing, the man may have nice dance moves. (Also murderer of Mr.Funk)
"It's cool guy!"
"Why cool guy, whyyyyy"
by Bojangles98 November 07, 2015
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A total tool; a guy who swears he's cool but everyone else knows he's a complete and utter scrub.
Person 1: Bro, he's such a COOL GUY.
Person 2: I know, he wouldn't shut up about his acoustic guitar and how good he is at MMA.
Person 1: I know right? What a tool.
by sarahazombie July 19, 2010
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A poser, loser, wanna-be, f'tard who thinks they're being oh so cool on their new motorcycle or in their brand new mustang. they have "badass" hairstyles, and make loud noise when the situation doesn't call for it. they need attention and hope they'll get lucky with any girl that gives them a look of disgust. when you say cool-guy, you need to emphasize the double o's in the word. It ends up sounding like "coo-guy" but with a faint "L" at the end and make it sound really sarcastic. I don't fuckin care that you have a brand new Ducati, brand new Oakleys, and a "sexy" mohawk, you're only 15 years old you dumbass! You're not cool!
Kid 1: school was boring as hell today
Kid 2: I know, Calculus sucks...
Cool-Guy: (roars up the street on his motorcycle with his backpack on from the school day)
Kid 1: Cool-Guy right there, wish i could be like him
Kid 2: Fo sho, wish i was a Cool-Guy...what a loser
by trptking September 14, 2008
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