the w is a shoebill stork. Not to be confused with take the w.
A video by kracc bacc shows that the w is a new angry bird that does nothing but allows you to get the car crash power up.
by thepres1’s Stuff June 28, 2022
The act of making a "w" with your fingers. Then putting the middle two in a girl's vagina while the pinky finger goes in the butt, while the pointer rubs the clitoris.
My girlfriend demanded more than the shocker so I gave her the w.
by Darcy Chumang May 18, 2008
This abbreviation used to stand for World Wide Web.

It now stands for the activity which surrounds most of the time in which the web is browsed - Wanking While Watching (another video stream or live webcam) or, Wanking While Waiting (for the next lot of porn to download).

(For the Brit-ignorant, Wanking is the same as jerking-off/Whippin Mr Zippy/Polishing the PurplePink Pole, over here in Limey-Land.)
"Shit I gotta clean this mouse and keyboard or buy a box of tissues, probably both (squeezes umpteen zit). Too much WWW. Oh, Just one more......"
by Missy M August 22, 2005
(>•w•)> <(•w•<)

two ppl trying to hug themselves

(>•w•)> <(•w•<)
by someonoe April 5, 2011
When and Where
by Aceeswild June 29, 2017
Another way of saying "that's a win." A proclamation of victory. Winning.
Dude #1: I took that chic home last night.

Dude #2: Did you reach home plate?

Dude #1: Oh yeah!

Dude #2: That's a W!
by Maylay05 November 8, 2010
In terms of a differnt style of generation of the phrase :3 as in a animeish style version of the :3 hamster face Expression being really happy, or a big grin its usually followed with the "!" mark with how happy you are..
DashiKun: "I Just Got Paid and im rolling in dough! ^w^"
by John Rayborn August 18, 2005