5 definitions by Abna

like omg this THE best word ever!! used wiv other words (see FMO) e.g wtf atm brb n all tht its so kl!! OMG means OH MY GAWWWWD!!! try it n b kl!
like omg hes fit AS!!
omg can't believ he did tht!!
omg, gt som goss 4 u!!
omg look at her hair!
by Abna July 17, 2005
FMO means freak me out and is usually used with OMG...it works best!!
omg, fmo he didnt!!
FMO u didnt!!
OMG FMO thts mingin!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Abna July 17, 2005
it means wt the fuck (raather rude) n its just used 2 b kl!
wtf r u wearin?
wtf u chattin bout?
wtf u do tht 4?
by Abna July 17, 2005
means at the moment, nt ass 2 mouth or w/e u ppl r chattin bout!
soz, bt i cant atm
well im doin my homework atm (yer, rite!!)
wt u doin atm? atm im bein kl!
by Abna July 17, 2005
this is an abbreviation of whatever or possibly weekend! its kl!
yer w/e i dnt care
wt u doin at the w/e
i went 2 the pics at the w/e
by Abna July 17, 2005