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Asian person raised in a western nation who is really obsessed with Japanese culture
that ching chong likes anime. what an asian weeboo.
by Khoo January 24, 2012
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Word invented by Timothy Khoo.
First written in an english essay, used as a replacement of another word.
Original grammar rules concerning the use of 'meks' were abolished in June 2003. Currently 'meks' and its 1337 derivation, 'mex0r' is used on the intenet as well as in basic conversation.
A suffix such as -ly, -y, -ing, -ed etc. can be used to better clarify the meaning of 'meks' in a sentence where there are multiple meanings for 'meks.'
'meks' should NOT be overused. 'meks' should be used only when it is plausible to be understood by all parties involved/
: How are you?
: i am quite meksy.

:Haha!1 you got meksed!

:What's the probability of that horse winning the race?
:1 in meks.
:ahhh... quite meksy. i think i will meks on it.

:meks you can meks meksy i meksly meksed.
^- inappropriate use of meks -^
by Khoo September 14, 2003
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meaning "exactly",- used by drunkards who cannot speak nor type properly.

First used in the english translation of 'Asterix and the Laurel Wreath.'
: i thinks john can't win. He is too ugly. *has another drink*
: zigzactly!
: whheee! we're drunk.
by Khoo March 20, 2005
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insult used on people with a head shaped like a prawn.
:wordsoup/word, prawn head.
by Khoo September 18, 2003
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An ugly girl wearing cute girl clothes is called a tryhot.
She's ugly, but look! Her shoes match her dress. What a tryhot!
by Khoo January 24, 2012
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Ship Of The Line

Unboubtedly the best ship in the 2004 release of Pirates! by Sid Meier.
Very rare and hard to find.
I want to capture a SoL, arrrggh!
by Khoo March 28, 2005
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