A Violante Virgin, were one is a virgin and has never had sex but knows so much about it and talks about sex and how you want to have it.
by Crystal4500 November 4, 2011
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Very, very slight (inclusions). Referring to the clarity of a diamond. The fewer the inclusions (traces of carbon) the rarer and more expensive the stone is.
Quotes from some beyonce songs:
- "She gon' rock them VVS stones
If I let you go"
- "VVS cuff links
6 star pent suites"
by daothuba April 19, 2020
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VVS is an acronym. The letters stand for Vertical Video Syndrome.
People shooting videos vertically are believed to have VVS.

It is your duty to write "You are not shooting it right, dummy!", as a comment on any vertical video you encounter.

Origin: YouTube, where vertical videos have become a major problem.
A: I just watched a vertical video... It's sooo annoying!!!
B: Ye! The guy that filmed it certainly has VVS.
by Zioma5 June 25, 2012
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VV is short for Virtual Virginity, you lose your VV by sexting, sending nudes for money, scamming sugar daddies online, or by doing any bitchy/perverted things on the internet for money, attention or pleasure on online life.
You can E-date Without losing your VV, but if you sext or web cam sex congrats ur not a VV (virtual-virgin) anymore.
-esluts are not virtual virgins.
-i lost my VV to xxGamerCraft because we did nasty stuff on our server after we started edating he fell in love with my pfp !! UWU
by istillluvblackbear February 29, 2020
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A smiley with fangs. Used to represent a vampire or dark being. Usually in a happy manner or one that has just "fed".
I accidently cut my finger, I sucked on it till the pain was gone. ^VV^

So I kicked his ass for it, that felt so good. ^VV^
by Kareyu January 5, 2005
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VVS or vertical video syndrome if the act of recording a video using a smartphone vertically. This is very annoying and should be avoided doing whenever possible (always).

It originated from when iPods and iPhones first got cameras.
A: Check out my new video man its awesome

B:WTF MAN why did you record this vertically this sucks. You have VVS
by CloudZephyr January 4, 2013
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