another term for "yeah" or "yes"

"Are you going to play CSS tonight?"
by urdad January 16, 2008
1) Shortened version and/or slang for yes.

2) Archaic form of you, occasionally used today as slang.

3) Pirate talk!
1 - Are you and Kim watching the game tonight? Ye.

2 - Where ye wanna meet?

3 - Avast ye, landlubbers!
by Quannax July 16, 2017
'Ye' has multiple meanings, one of which is a nickname referring to rapper and producer, Kanye West. The term is pronounced as if pronouncing 'yay'.
Fan: Ye, you lit it up on the stage tonight.
West: I know.
by eiln March 9, 2008
lazy way online gamers reply in the affirmative. They are so consumed by the task at hand (usually violence related) that they cannot say "yes"
by Dogghouse January 14, 2009
A word made famous by being used by contino that means "yes"
"Are you going to the game tonight?"

"Yeyeyeyeye of course I am!"
by Fledunduck November 10, 2009