Hate-filled puggle with a giant pink bow. Delights in fishes.
VV frowned, and sipped.
by mollusk February 10, 2004
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>Sideshow Bob from "The Simpsons". ASCII art Bart would hastely describe as distasteful + terrifying.
VV\'u'/VV "Rakes! My old arch enemy." _Sideshow Bob
by Ren_Ludwig March 12, 2008
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a nickname for vV (on my mobile, push VV and there's the name) extensions can be added on like vVo (kevin)
sometimes people can get carried away and have a vVvVvVvVvVvVvVv spasm.
eyo vV
hey lets ring vV
by pwn it mmmmm April 24, 2003
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A very attractive girl who is a adult entertainer. She attracts a lot of attention . She has nice curves and mocha-colored skin.
Did you see Mocha VVS on Instagram?
by CozartK February 11, 2022
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a goat !
aka vv !! u cant be him cz he is unic
by godofgod's May 20, 2023
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When a woman clenches her privates in order to stop a male from pulling out
She vv trapped me...
by jjplatinum February 26, 2016
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