When Veru and Vojta say the exact same thing. Their minds are connected. It’s some kind of telepathy.
V: comedy and tragedy together, komedia
V in the exact time: comedy and tragedy
by AnonymousRaT November 28, 2018
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a term used by Kim Jungwoo an unhealthy amount of times. "VVS my diamonds I don't need no light to shine" is an iconic line from NCT 127's Regular and it means "stan us because we are rich".
ex: jungwoo: VVS my diamonds
haechan: shut up
by Lipshyunjin February 14, 2021
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A school district in the heart of the worst place on earth yes I'm talking about central New York not Anywhere near New York City but some think their hood others think their country on that note no one knows what they are and the school itself was fine but now people are making it look like a third world country. "Hey Where do you go to school oh VVS Well I feel sorry for ya."
People make VVS School District look like trash.
by THESAVIOR47 January 25, 2016
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a bunch of losers who are nct antis
vvs my kohinoor may have won best groupchat on desi kpop stan twitter, but they are a bunch of cream crackered muffs innit...
by kohihater December 3, 2020
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similar to PV&J but is the lesbian version, meaning : Vagina/Vagina & Juices.
"woah leslie, smells like some vv&j went down in here."
by cassyface March 5, 2017
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Vv is a very beautiful motivating and inspirational person who is loved by many and is hated by many jealous people. Vv is very entertaining and has the most interesting personality, it leaves a mark on whoever it touches and makes them a better person aswell. But she can also get very scary and intimidating at times when she is angry and will use her signature bitmoji snap to show this (vv’s angry face behind a red background). Trust me u don’t want to get on her bad side it’s not worth losing ur life.
U remind me of a vv
by Vvs little helper March 10, 2019
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vv is daft
vv is mega daft
VV IS DAFT NIG means that vv is daft
by NonDaftBoy141 October 3, 2020
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