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an erect penis in the pants. like a tent with a penis as the pole
the girls gave me a pent.
by the caulk January 05, 2006
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a word describing an epic moment of greatness
That girl's snatch was soo pent.
That football game was pent as fuck.
Molli is basically the opposite of pent.
by drewshbag October 02, 2009
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Pure ownage of newbies. Elite masters murdering all players in their path.
omg, gg no re cus u got pent
by dizzle69 July 31, 2006
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Short for Pentagram of Protection, a pickup in Quake 1 that gives you invincibility.
Shit dude, the guy with the pent grabbed the rocket launcher and is going crazy!
by Arcanis the Rogue June 24, 2005
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To drop a pent is to bust a nut/ cum.

Dropping an ace = #1 = Piss
Dropping duece = #2 = Pooping
Dropping Tres = #3 = Farting
Dropping a quad = #4 = Burping
Dropping a Pent = #5 = Busting a nut.
Afte fucing her for a few minutes he dropped a pent all over her stomach.
by Grant Carpenter (Trez) May 04, 2003
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1. n. - pants
arslaan's pent are so tyte.
by arslaan February 10, 2004
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Basically a great big sausage fest, generally around Christmas time with work colleagues.
Yo man we going to the pents this year?

Yeah course blood we do it every year.
by LGIM Corey November 13, 2013
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