A smiley with fangs. Used to represent a vampire or dark being. Usually in a happy manner or one that has just "fed".
I accidently cut my finger, I sucked on it till the pain was gone. ^VV^

So I kicked his ass for it, that felt so good. ^VV^
by Kareyu January 5, 2005
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Just like how "Penis" is PP, VV is Vagina
by lwdwq June 4, 2021
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Very Very shiny diamonds, aka VVS. Alot of rappers say VVS stones, as in the shinest stones there are.
"Chevy paint wet, like it crossed the atlantic, VVS stones in my iceberg chain, like what sliced the titanic"
by C-Dizzle July 19, 2005
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Vertical Video Syndrome - The atrocious act of filming with your phone while holding it in portrait rather than landscape mode making it painful to view since you feel like you're peaking through a closet door when watching it. Doesn't matter that TVs and monitors are all built to view in landscape, for whatever reason, people feel like they should be recording in portrait which kills about 2/3 of the viewing area.
I would show you this horrific car accident I recorded with my phone but since I suffer from VVS it's heavily cropped and you can't tell what you're looking at except what is dead center in the shot.
by evil snarf January 2, 2015
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VVS – Водка, Водник, Секс (Vodka Vodnik Sex – Vodka, Bong, Sex).
VVS on me, that's Vodka, Vodnik and Sex.
by harootousoo August 2, 2020
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Verb-.(Vee-Vee) Is short for Vodka Vision. When you are completely intoxicated off of vodka and shots while hooking up with a totally ugly guy or girl because they look totally hot to you but when you wake up in the morning and look over at the person in your bed your like wtf happend last night.
Nia- girl all those shot you took last night gave you VV!
Kourtney- I know when I woke up this morning and looked over I was so ashamed of what I brought home. He looked so hot lastnight.

Nia- VV to the max!
by knee-uh June 12, 2011
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A vv is a beautiful, motivation and caring person. Vv is loved and adored by many because of her many brilliant characteristics, including her brilliant sense of humour which can make the grumpiest of people laugh. She has the personality that could lighten up anybody’s day without question. But she can also come across and very scary and intimidating once triggered, which is a very bad mistake. She will use her signature move to show she’s angry( she spams her bitmoji puttin on an angry face behind a red background) frightening if u ask me. Other than that she is a blessing🤗.
Well ur behaving like a vv
by Vvs little helper March 10, 2019
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