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Sally was like a vise when I made love to her last night. Even though she's just a freshman, she swears she wasn't a virgin. There was no blood, so she didn't have a hymen, but it was extremey hard to get in. It felt wonderfull once I did penetrate her.
by BRD May 04, 2005
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1. something or someone that is legit
2. to hold, press, or squeeze
3. a tight grip, a "vise grip"
4. vise = tight
the game last night was so vise, bro!
by ktbj April 04, 2011
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variant of 'revise'. to learn for the first time, usually just before an exam when you were meant to have known something months ago
shhh, he's trying to vise
by teppic January 24, 2006
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A kiss will only vise this fight we are having momentarily.
by Alex March 31, 2005
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Vise (Cambridge College of Colleges *2019) : Something previously considered unacceptable, bad, illicit, unrighteous, nefarious, or sordid that is later accepted, embraced and loved by many, after a prolonged process of social evolution (i.e. homosexuality, women's rights, the green rush and the legalization of cannabis).

Vise is also an acronym V.I.S.E. :: Values Inspired by Social Evolution.

Noun (n) and Social Concept (sc) English Pronounced / vais / or / vice /
The Green Rush is the most relevant Vise quickly becoming part of our social flow, and with research showing signs it helps many veterans struggling with chronic pain and/or PTSD, this vise is even more tangible and visible than before. It will be a significant marker in history.

Ever been to the VA hospital in Long Beach. They make our veterans wait for 3 or 4 hours, then pump em full of opioids, then wonder why veterans have some of the highest rates of substance-abuse and mental illness. The last place you should ever want a government agency in control is a hospital.

Take a veteran on a field trip to the VA Hospital in Long Beach. Stand next to him through the entire process. When you get me, then tell me if that's where you want your spouse, parent, or child going when they get sick.

TOP SECRET (Internal Classified): Fed criteria for VA employees:

- Experience: 3+ years front office staff at DMV, Correctional Officer, Nightshift Station Chief or Groundskeeper at a mental hospital or abandoned nuclear facility.

- Desired Personality Traits: lazy, irritable, depressed, negative, pessimistic, irrational, stubborn, inconsiderate, aggressive and ignorant.

The private sector is the only place we'll ever see any sort of efficient business system, optimized strategy, and/or streamlined services. That's why this risky-rant goes out to my boy, and favorite South African Space Mangician, Elon MUSK!

Cheers! - Danny Avalon ;)
by Danny Avalon June 21, 2019
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