Sally was like a vise when I made love to her last night. Even though she's just a freshman, she swears she wasn't a virgin. There was no blood, so she didn't have a hymen, but it was extremey hard to get in. It felt wonderfull once I did penetrate her.
by BRD May 4, 2005
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variant of 'revise'. to learn for the first time, usually just before an exam when you were meant to have known something months ago
shhh, he's trying to vise
by teppic January 24, 2006
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1. something or someone that is legit
2. to hold, press, or squeeze
3. a tight grip, a "vise grip"
4. vise = tight
the game last night was so vise, bro!
by ktbj April 5, 2011
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To revise content that you've never seen before. Used to describe your approach to revision when you have not attended lectures for a subject, nor read the corresponding notes.
"Hey Dave, what are you up to this weekend?" " I'm still vising for my chemistry exam."
by Potassium Procrastinate November 1, 2017
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A kiss will only vise this fight we are having momentarily.
by Alex April 1, 2005
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The cutest most loveable person in the world. Often times can be found in Runex where he is adored by the entire player base. The player base wishes only good things to happen to Vise as he's the center for Runex's hap-penis and love. Vise's name is one of the few in Runex that is easy to accidentally spell while eating Sphagettio's. Our love for Vise is like having your feet off on a warm but not hot day, relaxing in your favorite place around your favorite people (Mainly Vise) and enjoying the sunlight to penetrate you (as you wish vise would.)
Oh my god is that Vise, I wish he would totally catch me with my pants down.
by HuffingJenkem July 12, 2019
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