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The aftermath of a man's orgasm will "make a mess" if it is not contained by a condom, a mouth, a vagina, or an anus. In other words, it is allowed to spray and land either on the man or on his partner or partners or on the sheets or the floor or anywhere else.
My girlfriend never wants me to make a mess, even when I am masterbating around her. When I masterbate, I have to call her over when I am ready and she has me cum in her mouth after which she swallows so I don't make a mess.
by BRD October 24, 2004
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A new twist on an old favorite. This is very similar to a key party, but usually held at colleges or during high school where the couples are not all able to drive to their residence to consumate the evening.

When the time has come to pair off, the gals take off their panties and they are put into a bag. The men blindly select a pair with the girl's name pinned to them. This determine who he is going to have sex with.
My sister invited me to a panty party when I was a sophomore. It was so exciting not knowing who I was going to have sex with. I would have never have though of having sex with Barry before the party, but enjoyed it so much that we have been dating ever since. We've even been to a few more panty parties since.
by BRD October 24, 2004
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A penis which is inordinately large in either length or girth or both.
At Jimmy's party last night, I hooked up with Paul who had an absolute monster. I didn't think it would fit, but I found some lube and condoms in Jimmy's sister's nightstand. The condom didn't fit, but with the lube, we worked him in. I think my hymen must not have been completely gone because I bled more than I did last year when I lost my virginity at the junior high graduation party.
by BRD August 28, 2005
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A girl who has never had a penis in her mouth.
Even though Suzy had been having sex with her boyfriend Ben for almost a year, she is still a mouth virgin because she is afraid he'll ejaculate in her mouth and she thinks that is disgusting.

Suzy's younger sister Donna, however, is no longer a mouth virgin. She gave Ben a blow job one night when Suzy wasn't home and Ben convinced her that it was ok for her to do it. Ben then took Donna's finger virginity before Suzy returned from the library.
by BRD October 27, 2004
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Jim expected me to gargle his mouthwash after I gave him a blow job yesterday, Sue told her friend Jennifer. I did it before swallowing, but I hope thee boys get more mature when we get to high school.
by BRD May 04, 2005
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A sexual party game usually practiced in high school or college where one party goer is stripped naked and blindfolded. Other party guests take turns giving head or screwing the blingfolded person after which the blindfolded person must try to guess who each was. Each guest takes a turn being blindfolded. The winner is the person who correctly identifies the most people who had sex with them.
I was the first girl to be blindfolded during pin-the-tail game. I was a freshman and it was my first ever sex party and I was a little concerned since I had only had sex with one guy a couple of times. I quickly learned that guys come in all sizes. Guessing only two of the seven guys correctly, I did not win the game and was very sore the next day. One of the bigger guys must have opened me up a little more as my underwear was spotted in the morning.
by BRD October 29, 2004
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A term referring to a man's penis especially when used to "pop" a girl's cherry (first intercourse when her hymen is torn or "popped").
After baseball practice, Jim asked me if I had used my cherry popper lately when we were in the shower. I told him I haven't popped a cherry since Amy, but that Emily is as tight as a virgin.
by BRD May 04, 2005
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