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The act of two or more couples swapping mates for sexual gratification for some period of time, usually a noght or weekend. Sometimes it is done in the same place and other times the couples go back to either the woman's or the man's residence to be more private.
Next weekend Jim is going to Frank and Sue's home while Frank comes to Jim's home to have sex with Jan during their semi-annual wife swapping party. Frank enjoys having sex with Sue because she is so cute, but really loves his wife Jan.
by BRD October 10, 2004
A short form of the phease "hand job". A sexual practice, usually first practived in the pre- or early teen years, where a girl masterbates a guy with her hand. Handies often lead to harder forms of sex, such as blow jobs, which initially is just a handie where she puts her mouth over the top of the penis until he ejaculates into her mouth instead of into the air.
Bob's little sister Paula was teasing me so much that I finally told her to either stop it or she'd have to give me a handie to take care of the arousal she caused. Being curious about what a handie was, she let me teach her how to do it. She even took her top off so I could cum on her developing breasts. A month later, a handie led to me cumming in her mouth.
by BRD November 22, 2004
A couples party where the hosts gives each woman a nut and each man a bolt that does not match the nut his partner has.

During the party, everyone tries to find the matching nuts and bolts. Matching pairs determine parings for whatever activities are planned for the after-party. Often it is used to detremine who is going to have some sort of sex with each other.
My girlfriend Jill and I went to an oral "nut and bolt" party the other night. My bolt fit into Suzy's nut and Jill's nut fit Bob's bolt.

I got so hard watching Jill giving Bob a blow job while I was licking Suzy's pussy. I think Bob was surprised that Jill swallowed his cum. Suzy had me cum on her tits, but she gave one hell of a blow job otherwise.
by BRD October 24, 2004
A term used to describe a virgin girl whose hymen is intact at the time of her first penetration. When she is first penetrated, whether by a finger, a penis, or some other object, her hymen tears and bleeds.
I had no idea April was a bleeder when I fingered her at the movies last night. She's so cute, I thought someone would have popped her cherry by now. If I had known, I would have waited to do it with my penis. It just goes to show you that you need to ask, especially with pre-high school girls. Drat!
by BRD May 5, 2005
The act of a girl losing her virginity. It is a form of the work deflower. The term comes from the fact that the hymen, before being torn, most frquently looks like an inverted flower.
Amy asked her older sister Sue to stay in the room during her defloration by Jimmy. She wanted Sue to hold her hand because she was afraid of the pain when he broke through her hymen.
by BRD November 22, 2004
A description of a girl whose vagina is unusually tight. Often this is a sign of a girl who is a virgin or hasn't had extensive sexual encounters or a man with a large girth penetrate her.
Becky is a real tightie for a senior, but as valedictorian, I guess she hasn't had much timme for sex during high school.
by BRD May 5, 2005
When a couple consumates their marriage in some cultures, they display the "bloody sheets" to prove the girl's virginity prior to the marriage. Often girl's bring pig blood to the honeymoon bed if she's not a virgin or is afraid she won't bleed because she has torn her hymen through other means.

Sometimes used to indicate a girl was a virgin before having sex.
She proudly hung the bloody sheets outside the hotel window for her family and friends to see after she made love to her new husband for the first time.

Yeah, we finally hooked up last night and wound up with bloody sheets.
by BRD October 24, 2004