The beholder of this name is usually known as the greatest desi that stepped foot on this land.
Vimal you are the super natural, almighty, greatest, ass kicking, cricketer ever born.
by Jagu Doha April 12, 2004
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an act of sheer stupidity characterized by great embarrassment but usually results in quality entertainment for others.
wow, you just pulled a vimal.
by c March 26, 2005
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an act of sheer stupidity which is characterized by great embarrassment that typically results in physical harm to the performer of the act and quality entertainment for the witnesses of the act.
damn, i pulled a vimal.
by c March 26, 2005
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Sex god. Absolute sex god. Funny, Intelligent, Athletic, Too hot too handle, You'll jizz if you see him.

Also used to describe someone who loves Yellowcard.

What the hell are you waiting for just have sex with him already.
Its fuckin Vimal b1tch3s.

I hear Vimal likes Yellowcard!

There's nobody like Vimal!

Man, I wish I was like Vimal!

That guy is ripped! But Vimal puts it over him anyday.
by itsvimalb1tches October 11, 2011
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Thick and bushy: Sexually excessive. Feed with a steady diet of new erotic experiences or they're likely to grab snacks-on-the-side.
Vimal is a Vimal.
by theBurmesetranslatorr May 23, 2014
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Vimal is referred as a gay person. A person who's usually shy and introverted. A Vimal can also be referred to as a gay head.
For example,Toby is actually vimal.
by Gay Buddy November 10, 2020
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Usually a woman with fat cheeks who loves to exercise. She is often characterized as the perfect wife with tendencies to be overly dramatic and cautious of her husbands actions with other woman. Unfortunately she usually ends up with a Belgium "Ravindra".
E.g. - My neighbor's wife is such a vimal!!! She cooks all the day and babies her husband, I mean he cant even hang out with the Guys. Everytime I see her, she is exhausted from running around the block.
by ~BelgiumBabe4~ June 4, 2009
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