A mythical geek creature created by the Dungeon and Dragons game designers that's orb-like in appearance and has a central eye, and many of eye stalks.
Fuck, that goddamn beholder turned me to stone.
by 5432 July 22, 2003
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very shocked, or surprised.
im so beholded right now …”
by spyr0 March 15, 2022
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To see something is to behold it.
Marilyn in her prime was something to behold.
by witit December 26, 2013
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Extreme brutalilty. Intense feeling of being disinbowled, or having your intestinal track being ripped from your anus, or ass hole
"dude that was crazy"
"DUUUUUDE, the was a beholder
by Jake Goodwin December 14, 2007
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What the character Dr. Weird from the Adult Swim TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force says at the beginning of each episode, even though he is usually only talking to his assistant, Steve.
Dr. Weird: Gentlemen, Behold!!

Dr. Weird: I have created... this thing!
by Bob882 August 23, 2004
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Something that not everyone can see/feel about something/someone.
"Her freckles make her beautiful."

"I don't agree, but Beauty is In the Eyes of the Beholder"
by Posideon April 13, 2014
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1. A group of small male children who enjoy the ballsacks of other small male children on their upper lip, right under (but not touching), their noses.

2. A general group of douche bags.
1. You guys just make one big BTG. (Behold the Gates)
by Bazz the Pokemon wRANGLER March 26, 2009
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