(n), a tougher or more intense iteration of an idea.

The term comes from video games, in which there are often harder difficulty settings (or "hard modes") than the standard gameplay, intended for players looking for a challenge.

In MMORPGs, "hard modes" are triggered versions of boss encounters that cause them to become more difficult than usual, but offer better rewards.
Siberia is the hard mode of Russia.
by Kriptini August 31, 2013
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Beat your meat every morning on NNN without nutting for 30mins and do it again at night.
“Did you fail no nut november?”

Yeah I was doing NNN hard mode.”
by Kingdong76 November 03, 2019
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The Game, on a higher difficulty level. The same basic rules apply:

1: By knowing of the game, you start playing.
2: You can never win, only lose.
3: You lose by thinking about The Game.
4: Upon losing the game, you must announce "I lost The Game", bringing every other player down with you.
5: Once the knowledge of The Game is passed to you, you are always playing.

The Alterations Include:

1: Upon loosing The Game, you only have 15 minutes in which to think about it freely.
2: If anyone asks about The Game, you must explain it to then in Hard Mode Rules.
3: If, at any point, you see/think about/hear the number 47, you loose, regardless of any other rules in play.
Random jerk: I made 47 dollars today. Oh, shit, I forgot about...

Surrounding Populous: Damn-it! I lost The Game!

(And so The Game (Hard Mode) spreads)
by The Necrophobe September 11, 2009
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where you are deeply inot the twilight saga books. you go into twilight mode where you thirst for blood and can feel and sympathize with bella about her choices. sometimes you even try to do vampire-ish stuff lke running fast.
wow, dude i just put down that new moon and went twi-hard mode in the supermarket!
by Jarrod Ebert February 04, 2010
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Someone who wears skating brands or tapout from head to toe with their group of friends who do the same thing to try and look cool.

Originally formed in Braddock 08-09
"Dude, that kid is super try hard mode"
"Wow, that fag with the Tapout shirt is super try hard mode"
by JYYMCNJAC March 01, 2010
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