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The act of turning a noun into a verb. Verbing results in verbation. Although in a sense it is the inverse of a gerund, a word that has been verbed can actually be turned back into a noun as a gerund. Hence verbing is the gerund form of the verbed noun "verb."
I googled you before our first date.

Jerk! Stop verbing!
by sciurus September 12, 2004
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The grammatical choice of taking a word that is usually a noun and using it a verb.
These are all examples of verbing:
"That drag queen womans better than I do."
"I potatoed on the couch all day today"
"I'm so tired I can't even brain right now"
by Sunshine100695 October 10, 2013
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Verbing: v
1. Taking a word that is not a verb and turning it into a verb by adding -ing to the end.

Comes from the latin word "verb" meaning "an action" and the root "-ing" meaning "making the word infront of it a verb."
1) I decided that the word verb needed to under go a verbing to create the word verbing so I could use it to describe the process that the word verb just under went.
2) I felt sorry for the word "strong" since it was but a mere adjective so I decided to make it a verb but making it undergo the process of verbing thus making it the verb "stronging."
by not_michael October 11, 2004
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The act of doing something. In actuality the act of doing anything, while being non-descriptive about the specific verb.
Guy 1: What are you doing?
Guy 2: I'm verbing.

(In this case verbing can be meant as any of the following: chilling, relaxing, eating, swimming, driving or anything.)
by TheZo January 05, 2011
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Intentional misuse of a noun as a verb for comedic effect and in some cases to clarify your aims.
verbing in action:

1. "Hey insert name here, you've been gettin' pretty friendly with insert name here recently, eh?" "Hell yeah! We were sexing all night a few days ago!"

2. "Do you mind scooting over a bit?" "Sure, chairing is caring!"
by spohken July 04, 2011
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