One being, at any one time, completely and utterly stoned out of their box. Comes before the stage of "Mashed".
"I'm fucking potatoed..."
by Hannah R May 28, 2005
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Placing a potato in someone's personal area only to get them to take a "potato" quality picture of said potato.
"What's up with that crappy picture of a potato that Philip keeps asking about?"

"Someone put a potato on his desk. Dude got potatoed."
by UD Free May 10, 2016
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Same meaning as Potato Potahto, but used when texting to save time and energy of spelling out Potahto.
From the "What's that Word" podcast...Bald men, redheaded men; Potato Potato.
by Cori and Laura February 11, 2021
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A religion that believes that potatoes are the ultimate source of life, and that everything began with potatoes.
Pat: What's your religion?
Eric: Potatoism
Pat: What's Potatoism?
by [JUSTI] July 18, 2017
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Food of the gods which have been blessed to us. A religious item that can be used in ceremonies.
The naked witches danced around the holy potato.
by Asleo☆☽♡☼ March 25, 2017
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