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1. Someone who uses unethical tactics to get noticed, in order to manipulate the weak-minded for donations.
John: Charlie veitched YouTube again, he blocked everyone with a brain and deleted their comments!
Tim: Let's thumbs down his videos to warn his retarded fanboys.
by killdec April 15, 2013
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Veitch   {Veh-e-tch}

To get intoxicated by drinking as little as possible. Usually followed by crashing on a couch an hour later, and puking all over yourself and everywhere around you, while screaming and asking yourself ''WHY ME!?''.

The following day, it is normal for anyone who has suffered from Veitching to rookie out and tell their parents everything that has happened.
Guy1: Dude! We where at a party last weekend and Jon got completely Veitched!

Guy2: I could see that coming, how much did he have?

Guy1: He had around 200ml of a cruiser and a beer. You should have smelt the couch man.

Guy2: Hahaha, good ol' Jono, I bet his parents caught him.

Guy1: You hit the nail on the head, mate.
by iGoToSPC August 22, 2012
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1. to cause serious injury to another by repeatedly kicking them in the spine. Refers especially but not exclusively to the beating of ex-girlfriends.
1. "Dude, you didn't just lash out - you fucking veitched her!"
by cookmesomeeggs July 14, 2008
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To "lash out" at someone and blame stress
Dude, I have been working 7 days a week, then my Mrs has the nerve not to cook me some eggs! So I Veitched her in the back... damn you stress! damn you straight to hell!
by GW7 July 10, 2008
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veitch (verb, noun) veitched,veitch-ing

-verb (used with object)
1. To beat someone until they are hospitalized. If you don't shut up I'm going to veitch the crap out of you

2. To assault someone until they require use of a wheelchair. Stop laughing at my turrets syndrome or i'll veitch you

3. a beating or assault. You should have seen the veitch I layed down on your mum

4. someones faecal matter. You should have seen the veitch I layed down on your mum

5. a numerical unit, equal to either 100,000, 130,000, or 150,000 depending on the news report. I'd pay a dozen veitch to sleep with your mum
See above for examples of veitch; below for localised explanation
by snikch July 28, 2008
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To Veitch someone is to kick or punch them down the stairs, and when they land at the bottom, repeatedly kick them in the spine until you hear several faint cracks, followed be the delicious seeping of marrow. You then wait four to six hours to take the person to hospital, perhaps watching television in the meantime.

Later, you will tearfully apologise on national television and your story will become an inspiration for men everywhere.
1) "I fully gave that bitch a hard Veitching last night."

2) "I Veitched her so hard, she made damn sure not to burn my roast when she came home after the spinal rehab unit."
by Matticakes July 21, 2008
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1. a person or thing that can melt your skin on contact
2. the area of skin meltation
3. to melt the skin of another on contact

{Origin: 1325–75; ME vei(c)che < AF; OF veicce (F veisce) < L vicia}

—Related forms
Veitchlike, adjective
1. Don't spill that acid because it will veitch you.
2. This is where the veitch occured.
3. Please don't veitch me, I won't do it again.
by JHJ March 25, 2007
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