To make a fool out of someone, or take advantage of them, so that they feel embarrassed or shamed as if they had been lashed by a whip.
We're going to totally lash out Steven by hiding his car keys in the cat's dinner.

Ashley got so lashed out when he stood near that big puddle while the bus drove past.

You got lashed!!
by Bloopy April 9, 2005
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In a football match when a player is pissed off, he may go into a challenge and snap the opposition player. This is know as a lash. And so the player has just lashed out
Person 1: “No need Brendan!”
Person 2 “What did he do?
Person 3 “He just lashed out on niall
Person 4 “Brendan chill out!”
by Big D 25 January 18, 2018
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The past tense of lash out. When someone is made a complete fool of, or totally embarrasses themselves.
Geoff got so lashed out in choir today, they went to sing in front of the girls' school and the fly on his trousers was undone the whole time.

Ahahahahaa lashed out!
by Bloopy April 10, 2005
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when a person gets emotionally and recklesss/wreckless and destructive from their pure angry, madness, insane hate and tremendous hatred. especially you expose a dirty secret about them that will destroy them or ruin them...
kids say the darnest things man, what an out-lash
by Megasus Thrist Jesus Christ April 26, 2022
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