Raddest fucking dude ever,
Sexy man bitch
Jono is the raddest fucking dude ever
by jd September 15, 2003
Intoxicating, beautiful, hilarious and cynical, addictive and unforgettable, passionately angry, dangerously sweet, the one I'd get a tattoo for and risk being broken by.
We she heard Billy Idol's "Eyes without a face," it was so Jono.

addictive passionate gifted dangerous sexy naughtily sweet
by Pinknwhitepolo February 6, 2010
A person who rarely sees the popular movies of the time.
Person 1: "Hey have u seen that new James Bond movie?"

Person 2: "No I don't think I will"

Person 2: "You're such a Jono!"
by ScousersFC December 17, 2008
What type of Jono did you get? I just got a pork riblet aye
by Kiiiiing March 27, 2010
1) A boy or girl who has no friends to hang wit.
2) A person who is so ignorant they get their ace beat.
3) A person who thinks they're so cool. Even though every1 else thinks he/she is a moron of the school.
Did you see Jono in gym?
by Method Man 36 January 14, 2005
Pronounctiation: 'John-O'
1. Skinny Young Man, from the German; {Ianho}
2. An insulting name.
3. Slang for a toilet-o
4. Lacrosse - a near-miss or accident.
def. 1. Man, that 19-year old sure is jono.
def. 2. Fuck you, you're acting like a jono.
def. 3. Hold on a sec man, i have to go to the jono.
def. 4. Man, that guy really pulled a jono. Good thing he didn't hit that guy in the head. You're not supposed to use a baseball, idiot!
by fu-up July 13, 2008