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Raddest fucking dude ever,
Sexy man bitch
Jono is the raddest fucking dude ever
by jd September 15, 2003
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Intoxicating, beautiful, hilarious and cynical, addictive and unforgettable, passionately angry, dangerously sweet, the one I'd get a tattoo for and risk being broken by.
We she heard Billy Idol's "Eyes without a face," it was so Jono.

addictive passionate gifted dangerous sexy naughtily sweet
by Pinknwhitepolo February 06, 2010
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1. jono: n, one who regularly consumes drugs (legal or no) in bacchanalian quantities in lieu of social activity
2. jono: v, to smoke up in amounts or ways that lead to one of the following: a) sex, b) public embarrasment or c) arrest
3. jono: v, to draw a picture while highly intoxicated
1. J: Man, i was a full jono last nite
Q: Yeah fucken right man
2. B: I fully jonoed last nite, she was hot though
C: Who, the girl, the cop or the old lady?
B: Shut your asstrap assface
3. L: Did you see jono jono just before he jonoed? that fucken jono.
by marshall banana June 12, 2004
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also spelled jonno, or johnno.

A Redneck - In Australia it is colloquially used as a name for the stereotypical 'Aussie bloke over the back fence'. Usually equipped with stubbies, a wife beater, some sunburn, and a beer in hand.

origin - abbreviation of a common name, usually Jonathan, John or Johnston.
Looks like that pack of jonos nextdoor are having another barbie.
by slo21 April 04, 2004
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A person who rarely sees the popular movies of the time.
Person 1: "Hey have u seen that new James Bond movie?"

Person 2: "No I don't think I will"

Person 2: "You're such a Jono!"
by ScousersFC December 16, 2008
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