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A kid in my class is a water slapper
by jgyhsref January 22, 2020
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A person residing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

c)loves the outdoors
e)very proud of the fact that Vancouver consistently ranks among the top cities in the world to live in (though it's now also one of the most expensive)
I met a great girl on the weekend. She's a Vancouverite. You could tell she's not from the East Coast. She had a real West Coast vibe.
by AH73 April 21, 2011
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I'm a vancouverite now, because Toronto was such a hurt city...

One's mentality even changes when you become a vancouverite...you stop acting like a wannabe NewYorker with gay clothes and all,and instead pick up something like kayaking...
by bill_y September 04, 2006
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Somebody with the biggest superiority/inferiority complex in all of Canada. They constantly must tell you how much better Vancouver is than whatever city you're living in. Especially if you're from Toronto.
Vancouverite: "Where are you from?"
Person: "I'm from (insert any Canadian city here)."
Vancouverite: (aforementioned city) sucks! Vancouver is SO awesome! WE KAYAK AND SKI AND SMOKE POT AND OUR BUMS GET FREE DRUGS AND EVERYONE'S RICH!
Person: "Er...okay..." *backs away slowly*
Vancouverite: Where are you going? I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU ABOUT HOW AWESOME LUONGO IS YET! Please like us!
by alexa77 August 14, 2010
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Blah blah, you've all heard it...the lulemon clad, starbucks drinking, bmw crashing, sexy Asian milf version of the martha stewart personna.
-Mrs Kwan makes the best siu mai!
-Vancouverite children all drive beamers, what the hell.
by anoynmous2 November 23, 2006
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A rich asian living in contemporary WestCoast mansions on the west side, driving two mercedes and a BMW, with both 14 year old kids taking UBC sciences and/or commerce, who spend their weekends rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, fishing, smoking pot, hosting barbeques for relatives and going out for dim sum.
Damn I envy their lifestyle those vancouverites!
Vancouverite: Wanna go skiing?
Torontonian: Nah, I'm going to stay indoors and dress up like I'm from New York and take pictures of myself.
by Asian boi April 14, 2006
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