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Only province in Canada that Americans find worthwhile to visit. Only province in Canada where it takes 30 minutes to get from the beaches to the snow capped mountains. Makes Americans wonder what the other Canadians are doing out in Alberta and Ontario. Locals like to show off by windsurfing and snowboarding in the same day, just because they can.
"God lives in British Columbia" -Denny Crane

American businessperson: "Let's go up to British Columbia and buy a condo now before their prices jump another 25%."
by bill_y September 04, 2006
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I'm a vancouverite now, because Toronto was such a hurt city...

One's mentality even changes when you become a vancouverite...you stop acting like a wannabe NewYorker with gay clothes and all,and instead pick up something like kayaking...
by bill_y September 04, 2006
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To fit in with the residents of this fair city, a Vancouverite must acquire one or more mercedes benz, year passes to Whistler-Blackcomb, and membership to the local yacht club. Cannabis will be provided at your nearest safe injection site. White people need not apply.
Convo between two white Vancouverites:
"Damn those Vancouverites, all laughing at me because I drive a ford Taurus"
"Relax, they're just a bunch of FOBs with parents working in China and not paying taxes"
"Sigh, it's not easy being white"
"Word up man. So, u wanna smoke some weed?"
"Yeah, why not.."
by bill_y August 30, 2006
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Massive and poorly planned sprawl somewhere on the shores of lake Ontario. Dunno which dimwit decided to start a settlement in that flat wasteland (at least Calgary and Edmonton have their money-making oil fields).

Otherwise a pretty clean city, streets are well kept, freeway and transit system are efficient. Got some nice neat-looking suburbs, but if you're from someplace awesome like Vancouver, you'd think it's a dump cuz it's all brick...then again what other material will protect you from "freezing flesh" warnings common throughout half the year. Oh, every single house looks exactly the same; there's only one style throughout the entire metropolitan region. Entire golden horseshoe area is developed with highrises randomly popping up here and there; can never tell when you're leaving one city and entering the next.

Locals like to dress up fancy and act sophisticated, to remind themselves that they're the centre of the universe. Maybe it's the bad climate, or they just don't get out much, but compared to Vancouverites or Montrealers, Torontonians are an unattractive people, like that brown hairy female news anchor on CityTV they threw in just to prove how multicultural they are. City itself tries to imitate New York, and fails miserably.

Don't get me started on architecture...it's embarrassing; downtown is built in the 60's so not their fault there...but in the suburbs like Scarborough and Mississauga, they have gay pointy Chryler Buildingesque spires on their residential towers, just to make it look architectural. Pathetic...nothing's original.

But if you just want to work and make some money for now and then move to Vancouver when you're rich, Toronto's the place to go. Housing is cheaper than Vancouver by a lot, and so is everything else. Essentially it's a nice city that provides you with everything you need, although not necessarily what you want.

Just don't forget your snowboots, gloves, shovels, matches and signal flares when you go out.
"Half my friends left Toronto and moved to Vancouver"
by bill_y September 03, 2006
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