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A very common misspelling of the word, “vacuum"; used most frequently to describe an electrically-powered cleaning device or the vacuum of space. Appears entirely in writing, because it is pronounced the same as the word, “vacuum".
{Craig}: Dave, can you vaccume the hall dear? (yes, Craig & David are F46607s)

{David}: Awww man, isn't it your turn to vaccume? (takes a pair of dikes {the wirecutters, not the other kind!} and snips off the cord)...ummm Craig, this vaccume cleaner's busted!!
by Telephony September 03, 2013
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when you havin sex and your nuts slip in and it goes from pleasure to pain
Guy: Hey a heard you got vaccumed last night
Guy2: Yeah...
by creeth September 08, 2015
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