a movie starring a blonde girl who's got the body, president of her sorority delta nu, 2000's home coming queen, gemini vegetarian and has a dog named bruiser, ... and oh, two weeks ago she saw cameron diaz at freddy seagul and she talk her out of buying this truly heinous and gorous sweater, whoever said that orange was the new pink, was seroiusly disturbed.
"oh, hi, my name is elle woods, and from my admissions essay, i'm gonna tell all of you at harvard, why i'm gonna make an amazing lawyer."
by skanky blonde January 4, 2005
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I felt Legally Dumb after watching this movie.
Legally Blonde lowered my I.Q. by 70 points.
by Jeffery October 4, 2003
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An attractive woman persuading others to do things based on her looks and charm.
Did you see how she was legally blonding herself into the VIP section?
by JaimeLannister January 26, 2022
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