This sex act occurs when a male cuts their wrist, enough to draw blood, and uses that blood as a lubricate. When the male has ejaculated, the resulting image looks like a volcano. The original name is "Emotional Volcano."
1st Male-"Dude! My girlfriend and I were messing around when she asked if she could do an Emo V. O. with me!'

2nd Guy-"So what'd you do?"

1st Male-"She cut her wrist and used it to jack me off!"
by M4st3r_0f_N0cl0ck April 19, 2010
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The place Duplicake will be taking you if you dont subscribe to him on youtube. Also gives inhapitants the powers of life and death
dude 1 yo dude i didnt subscribe to Duplicake on youtube and now im stuck in the V O I D
dude 2 damn me too...
by Duplicake April 28, 2021
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When you're hella depressed from a phat breakup, that eternal feeling of darkness and lack of life is known as T H E V O I D. T H E V O I D consumes you. Few escape from T H E V O I D.
Person 1: Well boys, T H E V O I D has returned.
Person 2: Dude, T H E V O I D gets me every day bro.
Person 1: T H E V O I D is my home now.
by pandaturtle October 29, 2019
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When corona-infected patients are still experiencing lingering symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, and inflammation and injury of major organs such as the lungs and heart long after they were tested negative.
For the majority of Covid-19 patients, the symptoms would disappear after a fortnight, but for a small group of C—O—V—I—D-19 or long Covid patients, their persistent symptoms are taking a toll on their mind and body, leaving them and their doctors confused and confounded.
by Covido December 7, 2020
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Some shit bitches have been putting in thier bios on Tinder.
Hot chick's profile on Tinder: blah blah blah... add me on

(>L,o;v~e;r~H`o;l^e*s c-o*m<)
For more info about me!
by Ron L'baam November 6, 2017
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