An animal that delights in being scritched by its hooman slave.

Very similar to a bird, only cooter.

Consumes many seed.
Hooman: Henlo Birb, you want some seed?
Birb: Yos
by clungz97 April 4, 2017
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"aw! look at the little birb!" only i use it in a sentence XD
" my birb is so cute and fluffie"
by Birb :v February 14, 2018
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obviously a cute bird. a birb is probably chunky n soft and cant actually fly but just wants love ! uwu !!
that lil pigeon is such a cute birb :,)
by 1ly October 20, 2019
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An animal that consumes large amounts of seebs and doesn't not want to share. Birbs delight in getting a head scritch and cuddling with their beloved hooman.
"Look at this birb! It's so cute!"
"What a cute birb! We should buy one!"
by BirbBoiInBurbBox August 29, 2019
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roumd boi
birb: am birb
hooman: yees
by zeebeeplayz March 18, 2020
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the popular culture phenomenon that is 'birb' is rooted in the mindset cultivated by LOLcats and doge. birb manifests on both twitter and tumblr.

You will not understand birb if you do not have a sense of humour.
The birb tumblr account has given me new insight into squirrel bingotry.
by birblover October 2, 2014
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