"New" way of saying "hello" adopted by surreal memers.
A: Hi
B: henlo my fren
by faze scarce February 10, 2018
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a greeting you can use with your particularly weird friends, an alternative to hello.
friend 1- henlo there
friend 2 - heyy
by henlo there June 24, 2020
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henlo is either…
1. used by only the surrealist of memers, or
2. used by stupid little dumbasses who think purposefully misspelling words and speaking/typing “with a lisp” is cute and totally doesn’t make them seem like they have the IQ of a fucking potato.
Dumbass: henlo UwU OwO do you have a giwlfwiend????????
Some Dude: lmfao it’s one of these dumbasses
by gristly October 15, 2019
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How you would greet someone stinky and/or ugly.
Henlo dog
Henlo you stinky dog, go dig up the garden, ugly.
by Meming_Daily April 17, 2017
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An alternative to "hello" often used by neckbeards and other socially underdeveloped cretins.
Neckbeard: "Henlo m'lady."

Normal Person: "hi..."
by Doanage November 9, 2022
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it's a meme
helllo STINKY frog
go eat a fly UGLY
by Peddebol June 29, 2017
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