Extreme cowardice displayed by police, security guards and other figures of authority during an ongoing mass-shooting event.
The police had ample chance to stop the carnage but they were too uvalde.
by Max Digz June 6, 2022
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Did nothing and waited, even if it was their job and even with the presence of equipment.

Public relations response will focus on damage control.
A: Anita Alvarez fainted underwater and the lifeguards did nothing.
B: So the lifeguards uvalded?
by creationisthater June 24, 2022
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verb, transitive. To use government authority to make a bad situation worse.
“The police spent 45 minutes uvalding in the hallway while the shooter executed the children.”

“Did the officer help you change your tire? No, he *uvalded* by shooting my dog and towing my car
by Purple Wizard May 28, 2022
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noun, singular
1) Extreme cowardice, usually due to incompetence.
2) Pussy
John is to Uvalde PD to approach stop his wife from cucking him. She's out right now getting her Uvalde PD pounded.
by BasedMF June 24, 2022
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Bro, are you really that scared of breaking a nail? It's just basketball! Go join the Uvalde Police
by Invisible_Grapefruit May 27, 2022
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Acting uvalde is behavior in such a way that is extremely ghetto and irrational.where people’s mind sets are generated by multiple generations of incest. Where the men are bred to be complete worthless pieces of shit mommy boys that never amount to shit in life and the females have bigger dicks than any dudes. They act ghetto and have no sense of the outside world. Only small minded pee brains.
STOP acting Uvalde, it’s fuckin emberresing!
by Dildotrump November 27, 2020
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