an attempt made to correct or rectify a situation that went wrong
we gotta be prepared to do some serious damage control if the press hears about this!
by hipster July 2, 2004
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an attempt to reduce damage caused by a previous failure, when fixing such a failure is either temporarily or permanently impossible, or undesirable due to risk
Ex 1:

Bill: I lost 50 grand...I'm definitely gonna win them back next game. I feel good about this, man.

Dave: Nah, you should be on damage control. Consider your 50 grand a sunk cost.

Ex 2:

James: I can't believe I missed that event...there's not a fuck I can do now.

Steve: You'll have to work extra hard to play catch up. You're on damage control now.
by 9001 July 5, 2015
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1) a non-offensive way to say big fat lie

2) excuse to cover your ass when you get caught doing something that would surely cause you conflict
"his girlfriend found out he was lying when he said he never stayed with his ex, he said he never told her because it was damage control"
by way2intelligent April 3, 2010
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keeping things from getting too crazy or out of hand.
dan: dude this party is gonna be crazy.
josh: yeahh dude gonna need somone to run some
damage control for sure.
by x3. June 12, 2007
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When you workout after a week/weekend of too much drinking.
Dude, I drank way too much last night. I'm gonna hit the gym for some damage control.
by TecateFox November 3, 2013
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After you've done a mistake, reduce all witnesses to silence.
1) Mafia guy: "We've hit that mother and she saw we were carrying drugs, we gotta do some damage control".
2) Company guy: "An employee left the beta version of his iPhone in a bar, we sent the security for some damage control".
by BartyPenguin February 27, 2014
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This is when a woman whom has kids with another man wants to wait until marriage before ever having sex ever again with her successors.
Look at this fuck-shit meme, it says "I am a single mother with two kids. However, I will wait 'til marriage to have sex again." TF?!?!! Is this some T.D.C. (Thot Damage Control) and shit?!?
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