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They are really funny and someone you would like to hang out with they make you smile and laugh alot
Adilene: omg is dat the guy who makes you laugh alot

Jackie: is an Alvarez sksksk he makes you laugh alot
by Aloka July 17, 2019
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a name that automatically means awesome, atractive, intelligent, and ridiculously talented. people with this name are often envied and loved.
OMG! You're an Alvarez?! *bows down*
by mellysha32 June 20, 2008
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Used in Romania to describe someone extremely rude , ignorant and stupid , all in one package.
p1 : Did you see how that guy speaks to his wife ?
p2 : Yea , he's a real asshole..
p3 : Asshole? he's a pure inbred alvarez!
by acustic June 11, 2011
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